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Yvonne Goersch

February 10, 2011

99ers Need Help While Waiting for Job Creations!!!!

Name:  Yvonne Goersch

Title of Hearing:  99ers Need Help While Waiting for Job Creations!!!!

The fact that I need to have a place to stay feed my child and to just survive while these jobs are being created is the most important thing in my life right now.

I have worked my whole life and never thought this would happen to me I have sent at least 20 to 30 resumes a day and have gone to places and have only gotten 2 interviews which I did not get the job. I know there are people that say we aren’t doing anything but sitting around collecting money that is completely wrong and also very upsetting .

It drags all of us to a place where we don’t and shouldn’t be because we don’t deserve it. We appreciate what the Government has done the fact that they only put in a 13 month extension and didn’t include the 99ers is so wrong and now that the Republicans are a majority in the House it doesn’t seem like we get any attention even though the Speaker of the House said if it is paid for we will get it through and they found a way to pay for it so it needs to be done!!!!!!!!

We have to have money for gas to get to interviews and a roof over our head and food to eat while we are still looking for jobs that are going to be created.

We help every other Country but the Government isn’t willing to support 1.5 million people in the United States (that number is not correct either) and the fact that the unemployment went down to 9% from 9.4% is also not correct it is a way for the Government to say things are getting better and we are doing our job.

Well guess what even though you said 1.5 million people isn’t really that much compared to how many people are on unemployment is so wrong to count us out while we voted for you and are about to have nothing.

I don’t have people to help me and I need that extra time and money since the job market is getting better to sustain me and my child so I can keep looking and driving there.

Don’t push us out because of our debt because this money would go straight into the economy and that will help the economy and help the 99ers survive before you have people’s lives on your conscience while you are living quite good and not worried about 1.5 people (which I know is not correct) we are losing hope and you guys are the only people that can help us for now and we need you to make sure we are taken care of while looking for jobs!!!!!!!!!!!

We need this bill to pass asap HR6556 because it is all we have for hope and time to keep looking otherwise it will be the end of a lot of 99ers so please do the right thing and help us and help the economy to keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,