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FACT CHECK: Democrats Falsely Claim $1.7 Billion in Cuts to Social Security Administration’s Budget

February 15, 2011

Democrats today made outrageous claims that the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) offices “would shut down” due to a proposed administrative budget reduction, a claim which is false and based on hypothetical scenarios. Despite the Democrats’ irresponsible scare tactics, the facts show that the Republicans’ proposed one percent cut will not harm seniors’ benefits. Furthermore, any decisions to furlough workers – another highly misleading claim made by the Democrats – would result only if that decision were made by the Administration.

Here is a look at the facts.

Wrong Numbers:
The Democrats’ claim of $1.7 billion in cuts is based on the President’s budget request from last year.

One Percent:
The proposed 2011 budget plan from House Republicans would reduce the SSA’s administrative budget by only one percent ($125 million) compared to the current level.

Seniors’ Social Security Benefits are Secure:
This proposed one percent cut would only affect the administrative budget for SSA.

Targets Unused Funds:
The Republican budget proposal would also reclaim $500 million of unused taxpayer dollars from a separate “reserve” fund, leaving a remaining balance of $371 million that account.