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Camp, Brady Statements on U.S.-Mexico Trucking Dispute

March 03, 2011

Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) and Trade Subcommittee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) issued the following statements today after President Obama and Mexican President Calderon announced new developments in the longstanding trucking dispute between the two countries.   

Chairman Camp stated: “I am encouraged by today’s announcement that the United States and Mexico have made progress toward putting in place a cross-border trucking pilot project that will allow Mexico to lift its retaliatory tariffs on U.S. exports.   U.S. exporters have paid over $4 billion in extra duties since the retaliation has been in effect, harming a wide array of American farmers and manufacturers, so I very much look forward to seeing the Administration proceed rapidly along the path it laid out.  Today’s action is a significant step toward ending harmful Mexican tariffs against U.S. exports, complying with our own international obligations, and ensuring the safety of America’s highways.”

Trade Subcommittee Chairman Brady commented: ““Because American workers are being hurt every day this goes on, I am encouraged to see today’s progress toward resolving this issue.  I urge the Administration to implement their plan as soon as possible and remove barriers that impede job creation and economic growth.”