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Camp, Brady Statements on Action Plan to Resolve Colombia Labor Issues

April 06, 2011

Washington, DC – Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) and Trade Subcommittee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) issued the following statements today after the White House announced that the Administration and Colombia have reached agreement on an action plan to resolve outstanding Colombian labor issues:

Chairman Camp stated: “I am very encouraged by today’s announcement that the Administration and Colombia have agreed on an action plan for promptly resolving outstanding concerns about Colombian labor issues.  I have been eager for such an action plan and timeframes to be developed for some time, and this announcement is certainly a major step forward.

“I call on the Administration to continue pressing ahead, such as by beginning the technical drafting work with us on the implementing bill, which is necessary so that Congress can consider all three of our pending trade agreements by July 1.  The July 1 timeline continues to be very important for American exporters and workers, who will continue to fall behind their competitors in countries that already have trade agreements with Colombia until our trade agreements are implemented.”

Trade Subcommittee Chairman Kevin Brady stated:  “I welcome the Administration’s success in reaching this agreement with Colombia, and I congratulate Ambassador Kirk.  Colombia is an important partner, and this agreement will create U.S. jobs and strengthen our national security – and it is long overdue.  Now I look forward to quick movement on this action plan and to working with the Administration to ensure submission of all three agreements for Congressional consideration by July 1.”