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Camp: Mr. President, Tax Reform Doesn’t Mean Tax Hikes

June 01, 2011

Washington, DC – In a White House meeting today with House Republicans, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) emphasized that comprehensive tax reform that promotes job creation cannot and should not be confused with tax hikes.  During the meeting, Chairman Camp pressed President Obama to take on comprehensive tax reform that is revenue neutral.  Chairman Camp released the following statement after the meeting:

“We can all agree that the current code is too complex, too costly and too time consuming for families and businesses alike.  However, we cannot confuse tax reform with raising taxes.  Past reform efforts are clear on this – for the American people to buy into tax reform, we must not raise their taxes.  Tax reform done the right way means more economic growth and more jobs.  Any path forward for tax reform must be comprehensive to address both the individual and corporate rates.  More than half of all business income is earned by pass through entities – most of which are small businesses.  We cannot leave them out in the cold, nor can we provide relief to employers while leaving the American people to struggle with the cost and complexity of the current code.”