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Main Street to Washington: You Aren’t Helping

June 17, 2011

On the heels of recent reports and a New York Times article detailing the economic challenges facing small businesses, the Department of Labor released data this week indicating that initial claims for unemployment insurance benefits remained above 400,000 for the 10th week in a row.  These unfavorable economic conditions are a result of a failed stimulus, an over 50 percent rise in government debt, and a health care law loaded with new mandates, paid for on the backs of small businesses through new taxes, fees and penalties – all courtesy of Congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration.

The New York Times article captures the sentiment of small business owners recovering from Democrat efforts to create jobs: “One thing you’ve got to understand is that we do not hire workers for the sake of hiring workers.  We hire them to do jobs… If we don’t have the work coming in, nothing will make me hire another person,” said Frank W. Goodnight, president of Diversified Graphics.

With an unemployment rate that has remained above 8 percent for 28 consecutive months, it is past time for Washington to get out of the way and let small businesses get back to creating jobs.




Source: Department of Labor unemployment rate data and Obama Administration January 2009 projections (in “The Job Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”)