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Camp: Weak Economy One More Reason to Pass Long-Pending Trade Agreements, Reform Tax Code

July 08, 2011
“Today’s disappointing jobs number proves yet again that our economy is too weak, too fragile and too shaky.  Washington’s failed stimulus has produced more spending, more debt and more taxes, but not more paychecks.  In order to get Americans back to work producing the economic growth this country needs, we need to let the private sector do what it does best, invest and create jobs. Washington must focus on pro-growth job creating policies that will get people back to work – like comprehensive tax reform and increasing America’s exports.  By leveling the playing field for American farmers, manufacturers and service industry, the three long-pending trade agreements will increase American exports and lead to the creation of 250,000 more jobs.  The President should immediately submit these agreements to Congress, where they enjoy broad bipartisan support.  The longer it takes for these agreements to be implemented, the more market share we risk losing to our foreign competitors.”