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If Job Creation Is Democrats’ “Strong Suit,” Why Do They Keep Having to Pivot Back to It?

August 04, 2011

Sen. Chuck Schumer said this week that the Democrats will “get back to” job creation, which is the Democrats’ “strong suit”:

“Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) told reporters minutes after the debt-ceiling deal passed: ‘It is now time for Congress to get back to our regularly scheduled program, and that means jobs. … The jobs issue won’t have to play second fiddle to the deficit issue anymore.’  Schumer said that for Democrats, job creation is their ‘strong suit.’”

But if creating jobs were really the Democrats’ “strong suit,” why are they are forced to return to it again and again?  Wouldn’t a “strong suit” suggest Democrats actually succeed at creating jobs?  Unfortunately for American workers, with unemployment above 9 percent, that’s not the case.  The facts prove that Democrats have failed to see their economic policies translate into the jobs they promised, forcing them to repeatedly pivot back to jobs after focusing on other legislative initiatives:  
After Democrats’ failed 2009 stimulus

“That is why jobs must be our number one focus in 2010, and that is why I am calling for a new jobs bill tonight.” (“Obama’s first State of the Union: Jobs must be our No. 1 focus,” The Hill, January 27, 2010)
After Obamacare

“A year that Democrats decreed would be about ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’ has produced a far different check list as its sixth month nears: health care, financial regulation, energy, a nuclear arms treaty and a Supreme Court vacancy, as well as investigations into a mine accident, a calamitous oil spill, a failed terrorist attack in Times Square and alleged Wall Street fraud. That crowded calendar of priorities largely explains why the employment bills have languished, Democrats say.  They hope to change that starting this week.” (“Democrats Shifting Focus Back to Jobs Creation,” New York Times, May 17, 2010)
After new financial regulations

“Eight months after Democrats announced they would focus on an economic agenda in 2010, the party is again touting a more disciplined approach to jobs messaging ahead of the November election. Lawmakers and aides said a Tuesday meeting of 15 senior Senate Democrats and President Obama focused mostly on hammering a job creation message.” (“Democrats to Focus on Jobs, Economic Agenda, Again,” National Journal, July 14, 2010)
After the 2010 elections

“We now have to pivot and focus on jobs and growth. And my singular focus over the next two years is not rescuing the economy from potential disaster, but rather jumpstarting the economy so that we actually start making a dent in the unemployment rate…” (President’s News Conference, December 22, 2010)
After initiating our “international effort” in Libya

“Though his presidential hours have been crowded by Libya, Japan and other foreign policy challenges, President Obama returns today to what he calls his top priority: jobs.” (“Obama’s day: Turning back to jobs”, USA Today, April 1, 2011)
After raising the debt limit

“Vice President Biden told reporters yesterday at the Capitol, where he was giving pep talks to the Democratic caucuses…‘This bargain has one overwhelming redeeming feature: It says that this debt limit issue cannot come up again until 2013.  Now, the reason for that has nothing to do with elections…Now, from the moment this passes, we will be talking about nothing but jobs.’” (“Dems plan pivot to jobs,” Politico, August 2, 2011)