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Camp: “Washington Cannot Spend Its Way to Job Creation”

August 05, 2011

“While any private sector job growth is preferred to job loss, today’s small increase demonstrates that the economic recovery has not taken hold.  For too long, too many in Washington have professed that the best way to boost confidence and job creation is to spend money that we don’t have. An unemployment rate above 8 percent for 30 consecutive months and a national debt that equals 100 percent of America’s gross domestic product clearly shows that Washington can’t afford to keep spending its way to job creation.  It is time for Washington to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

”Rather than returning to the same failed Washington spending policies, we must restore America’s confidence by working together to implement pro-growth, pro-job solutions.  Those solutions start with spending less, advancing our pending trade agreements and transforming our broken tax code.”