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President Obama Promises to “Accelerate” Job Creation – Again

September 01, 2011


August 2011
White House aims to speed up job-creating projects: “President Barack Obama wants to hit the accelerator on job-creating infrastructure projects.”


June 2011
President Obama Presented Ideas to Accelerate Job Growth and America’s Competitiveness at Jobs Council Meeting

December 2010
Obama to meet with CEOs in Blair House session: “In an effort to ‘drill down’ on the best way to accelerate job creation, the White House says President Obama will meet with business leaders at the Blair House Wednesday as part of a strategy session.”

December 2009
President Obama Announces Proposals to Accelerate Job Growth and Lay the Foundation for Robust Economic Growth

June 2009
Accelerating Our Efforts: The Next 100 Days: “The President and Vice President met with Cabinet officials today to discuss the wide-ranging effects of the Recovery Act, as well as an ambitious plan announced by the Vice President this morning to accelerate efforts for the next 100 days called the Roadmap to Recovery.” 

Obama confronts doubts on stimulus, vows faster spending: “But with the economy still sputtering and some experts doubting the program was meeting its goals, Obama vowed Monday to accelerate stimulus spending with the goal of creating or saving 600,000 jobs by summer’s end.”