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Washington Post Fact Check: President Obama’s claim of lower small business taxes

September 28, 2011

The President recently claimed that the Obama Administration has, “cut taxes for small business 16 times since I’ve been in office.”  However, as the Washington Post’s Fact Check reveals, that claim doesn’t ring true, noting that the President has, “repeatedly proposed increased income taxes on such businesses.”

The fact check highlights specific inaccuracies with the President’s claim including:

“The list also appears to be inflated.”

“Moreover, these tax cuts are often quite limited in impact.”

“Obama is engaging in some grade inflation.”

“Not only do many require the small business executive to do something to get the tax cuts—as opposed to a real cut in tax rates…”

The tax cuts he references are, “so heavily targeted to such a narrow slice of the business community.”

The Fact Check concludes that the President has a hard time claiming he has lowered taxes for small businesses, “given that there are tax increases coming down the pike” for them.