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Camp Applauds Passage of The Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act

December 13, 2011

Washington, DC – Today, Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) sponsor of H.R. 3630, The Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act, released the following statement upon the bill’s passage:

“Today’s vote is a vote to help families, employers and the unemployed – all of whom are continuing to struggle in this economy.   In addition to providing a one-year payroll tax holiday that is fully paid for and protects Social Security, this bill extends and makes much-needed reforms to our Unemployment Insurance program.  This will help Americans who are looking for work get a paycheck instead of an unemployment check.  This bill also protects seniors and those with disabilities who depend on Medicare.

“Importantly, this legislation was paid for by reducing Washington’s out-of-control spending – not with more borrowing, more debt and more job-killing tax hikes.  Furthermore, this bill – which includes many of the President’s own legislative initiatives – received bipartisan support in the House.  The House has acted, and I urge the Senate to move swiftly and do the same.”