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The Trade Report – Job Creators Across the Country Express Concerns About President Obama’s Trade Reorganization Plan

January 26, 2012

Recently, President Obama proposed creating a new department by combining the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) with most of the Department of Commerce and several other government agencies. The President suggests the move will streamline government, help small businesses and promote exports.  However, placing USTR, one of the most nimble government agencies with a track record of creating jobs and expanding our economy, into a large government bureaucracy will do anything but expand our trade opportunities.  Instead, such action is a step backwards that will weaken our ability to open new markets for American goods and services and will make it harder to create U.S. jobs.   
Thus, it’s no wonder over 80 groups representing every sector and industry of our economy are worried. Read their letter sent to President Obama expressing their concerns here.  Read concerns expressed by Ways and Means Chairman Camp and Senate Finance Chairman Baucus here.