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Another Unhappy Mother’s Day for Too Many Female Workers

May 11, 2012
324,000 women dropped out of the nation’s civilian labor force in March and April

895,000 married women have dropped out of the labor force since January 2009

The number of women not in the labor force hit an all-time high of 53,321,000 in April

While Mother’s Day is a day that many honor all the women in their lives, it appears this will be an unhappy Mother’s Day for millions of American women struggling to find jobs in the Obama economy.  Recent data show that record numbers are now giving up their job search and dropping out of the labor force altogether.

This challenging economic climate is a direct result of the failure of the Administration’s February 2009 stimulus to deliver on what it promised:

Administration Promise
The Administration predicted their trillion-dollar 2009 stimulus plan would skew “job creation somewhat towards women” and would result in over 1.5 million “created jobs expected to go to women.”
Women’s employment has shrunk since the Democrats’ February 2009 stimulus law.  According to data from the U.S. Department of Labor, since February 2009 when President Obama signed the Democrats’ trillion-dollar stimulus plan into law, men’s employment rose from 66.9 million to 67.4 million in April 2012 – a net increase of over 500,000 in the last 38 months.  In contrast, women’s employment fell over this period from 65.9 million in February 2009 to under 65.6 million in April 2012  – a net decrease of nearly 400,000.

So it turns out that “job creation” has been “skewed” not “toward women” but rather away from them.  The data is even more disappointing for married women.  Since February 2009, the employment level of married women has fallen by over 1.2 million.  And what employment growth there has been among women has tended to be part-time not full-time.  Since Democrats’ 2009 stimulus, full-time female employment has fallen by almost 400,000, while the number of part-time female employees has grown by over 100,000.