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Democrats’ Health Law is Bad News for the Majority of Americans

June 07, 2012

Earlier today, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi attempted to defend the Democrats’ unpopular health law saying that it would allow people to leave their jobs to “pursue happiness” without the threat of losing their ability to obtain health insurance.

Unfortunately, the more than 160 million Americans who obtain their health insurance through the employer-sponsored system continue to receive bad news from the Democrats’ health law in the form of higher premiums and the loss of the coverage.  

  • A recent report from the Ways and Means Committee shows that the Democrats’ health law creates perverse financial incentives for employers to drop health insurance, breaking President Obama’s promise that you can keep the health plan you have and like.  
  • An analysis by Deloitte found that up to 65 million Americans could lose their current health insurance.  
  • Health care premiums will continue to go up, not down, despite President Obama’s promise to reduce health care premiums by $2,500. A Kaiser Family Foundation report found that health care premiums in the workplace increased 9 percent, or over $1,200, for an average American family in the year following enactment of the Democrats’ health care law.

With news like that, it is no wonder that almost 70 percent of Americans want the Supreme Court to overturn some or all of this fatally-flawed law.