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New Report Confirms Democrats Threaten Middle Class with Massive Year End Tax Hike

October 02, 2012

In July, Senator Patty Murray indicated that Democrats would be more than willing to drive the country over the “fiscal cliff” if Republicans refuse to raise taxes on job creators at the end of this year.  Yesterday, the Tax Policy Center released a report that found that middle-income households would see an average tax increase of almost $2,000 if Democrats follow Senator Murray’s lead and allow all of the low tax policies to expire at the end of the year:

In August, House Republicans passed an extension of the current low tax policies for all taxpayers and provided for a pathway to comprehensive tax reform that, when combined with fiscal restraint, could lead to the creation of 1 million jobs in the first year alone.  The Democrat-controlled Senate and President Obama should now join the House, prevent these impending tax hikes at a time when the economy is fragile, and put our country back on track toward economic growth and job creation.