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Obama’s Lost Decades – At the Current Pace, “Jobs Gap Will Not Close Until After 2025”

October 10, 2012

Last week’s jobs report showed that the Obama Administration’s failed economic policies resulted in the addition of just 114,000 net new jobs in the month of September.  As the Brookings Institution chart below shows, at this pace, it will take well past 2025 until all the jobs lost during the last recession are recovered.

And if their failed policies of the past weren’t enough, Democrats’ willingness to drive the country over the ‘fiscal cliff’ at the end of this year will only make matters worse.  The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has warned that this will result in even fewer jobs created and could lead to another recession.  House Republicans have done their part to address this impending danger to our fragile economy.  It’s time that the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats join them and help get the over 12 million unemployed Americans back to work.