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Nation’s Leading Small Businesses: Tax Reform, Not Tax Hikes

November 27, 2012

Associations representing the nation’s leading small businesses today released a letter urging Congress to reject the President’s call for higher marginal tax rates on main street employers.  A total of 42 business organizations employing tens of millions of workers sent the letter to Capitol Hill urging Congress to avert job-killing tax hikes and instead pursue comprehensive tax and entitlement reform.

“[W]e strongly urge Congress to pursue comprehensive tax reform that lowers rates on all forms of business income while enacting significant entitlement reforms that put the federal budget on a sustainable fiscal path.

“[W]e call on Congress to avoid raising marginal tax rates on employers, either as part of negotiations over the fiscal cliff, or as part of larger effort to reform the tax code. Instead, Congress should seek to enact comprehensive tax reform that simplifies the tax code and encourages economic growth for both pass-through businesses and corporations.”

These job creators echo the findings of recent economic reports.  According to the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation, nearly one million businesses and more than half of all small business income earned will be hit by the tax hikes resulting from the President’s so-called “balanced” approach.  A recent Congressional Budget Office report confirms that if those same tax rates rise, hundreds of thousands of jobs will disappear.