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Boustany Requests IRS Star Trek Parody Video

March 20, 2013

Washington, DC – Today, Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Charles Boustany, Jr. M.D. (R-LA) called on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to release a copy of a video parody produced in the IRS’s television studio in New Carrollton, MD – a studio that may have cost taxpayers more than $4 million last year according to a review of contracts.    

Chairman Boustany previously wrote to IRS requesting the production of two specific video segments; a Star Trek parody and a skit based on the television sitcom Gilligan’s Island.  The IRS provided a letter of response acknowledging the existence of the two videos.  However, the agency refused to comply with Chairman Boustany’s request to turn over the videos to the Committee.  

Boustany has publicly requested that, in the interest of transparency, the IRS release the videos so that taxpayers can be assured that resources were used efficiently and in a manner keeping with the IRS’s core mission.  The letter also calls on the IRS to produce a complete accounting of production expenditures at the studio.