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Economists, Job Creators and Congress Agree – Tax Reform is Critical to Improving Wages and Job Creation

April 16, 2013

The momentum for fixing our tax code for families and all employers got another boost as the RATE Coalition, a group of job-creating companies committed to working with Congress to fix today’s broken tax code, stated, “this year is the best opportunity for comprehensive tax reform since 1986.”  In an update to a February letter signed by an additional 143 economists (bringing the total to 163 economists), the RATE Coalition leaders said “everything is on the table” in order to achieve comprehensive tax reform to create more jobs and higher wages for workers. 

Calls for reform are growing among employers large and small.  Last week, in testimony before the House Small Business Committee, Sam Griffith, a Maryland small business owner testifying for the National Tooling and Machining Association, called on Congress to act on comprehensive tax reform saying, “We desperately need lower rates, simplification of rules and elimination of the sunset provisions in the tax code….It is very difficult to plan into the future when there is such uncertainty in the tax code.  No one likes a moving target and for the last ten years it has been a nightmare to plan.”

Our job creators are right.  Now is the time to focus on comprehensive tax reform that makes the code simpler, fairer and lowers tax rates so families can save more, employers can hire and invest and workers can begin to see bigger paychecks.