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ObamaCare Application: New and Not Improved

May 02, 2013

Only an out-of-touch Washington bureaucracy would hold a press conference touting “simplification” for taking one form and changing it to three forms with multiple appendices.  The reality remains that Americans will still face a long, confusing process just to determine if they are eligible for ObamaCare’s subsidies.  While Washington is holding press conferences, the law (and its numerous regulations) are standing in the way of job creation and driving up healthcare premiums.

Here is what Kaiser Health News said about this supposed change:  “There are a few small changes in the way the questions are asked, but the bulk of the paper reduction comes from the decision to have three different forms….Meanwhile, some of the extra information asked for in the original version, including details of an employer plan, a page to explain whether you’re an American Indian and a request for assistance completing the application, have all been tacked on as appendices.”  

See for yourself if there are really any changes:

See the difference? We didn’t.