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ObamaCare: Giving a Whole New Meaning to Pay for Delay

July 03, 2013

It’s great that U.S. employers are getting a free pass next year from the health care law, which threatens the jobs and benefits of millions of Americans.  However, it didn’t come easy or cheap.  Lobbying records show big companies and Washington associations spent over $300 million since 2011 to convince Congress and the Administration just how bad the law, including the employer mandate, would be.

Despite what the Administration says, the real story isn’t about the Administration listening to big businesses; it is about clearly ignoring the voices of everyday Americans struggling to find affordable health insurance. 

Just how unaccountable is this Administration to hardworking taxpayers?  Business groups can use powerful lobbying efforts to escape the law’s mandates and regulations, but the average family is stuck trying to comply with all the new rules, including the requirement to buy government-mandated health insurance.  

It is time for some basic fairness and accountability out of this Administration.  Too bad it seems like this Administration only delivers for those who can afford high-priced lobbyists.

   Businesses  Hardworking Americans
Face unprecedented mandates under the law? Yes
Spent millions of $$$ lobbying the Obama Administration to get out from under the law?  Yes No
Getting a free pass next year despite what the law says?  Yes No
Having concerns about the health care law responded to?  Yes No