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Enough is Enough: It’s the American People’s Turn for a Delay in ObamaCare

August 13, 2013

In the more than three years since signing ObamaCare into law, President Obama has unilaterally granted waivers, special deals and delays to unions, big business and now insurance companies.  In just the past week, the Administration has delayed the limit on out-of-pocket costs because the insurance industry, “asked for more time to comply.”  This is just one more in what is a long and growing list of Administration waivers and exemptions for the favored few.  But, what is missing is a delay in ObamaCare for hardworking taxpayers who are losing the insurance they have and like and paying higher premiums as a result of the law.

  • Over 1,300 waivers granted for companies from coverage requirements (mini-meds plans).
  • Early retiree reinsurance program used as a slush fund for state and local governments and favored labor unions.
  • Select states granted waivers from Medical Loss Ratio requirements (MLR).
  • Employer mandate and employer reporting requirements delayed.
  • Delay in auto enrollment.
  • Delay in SHOP choice option.
  • Delay in employer reporting to employees on Exchange options.