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Camp Statement on Reported ObamaCare Enrollment Data

December 04, 2013

Washington, DC – Today, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) made the following statement regarding reports that enrolled 29,000 Americans in coverage the first two days of December. 

“When it comes to the website, the important number is not how many visitors is getting per day, but how many Americans can actually enroll – end to end – in a health insurance plan.  If the Administration is going to hit their enrollment targets, they need to be enrolling close to 100,000 per day.  The reports that only 29,000 signed up in the first two days of December is just more bad news for ObamaCare – that is less than 15 percent of what the Administration needs over a two-day period.

“Furthermore, we still have no official data from the Administration as to how many people the system can completely enroll in a health care plan.  This includes someone selecting a plan, enrolling in the plan, an accurate determination if the enrollee is eligible for subsidies, how much subsidies they may be eligible for, and then for all this information to be accurately sent to the insurer in order to complete an insurance policy.  

“The system needs to be able to handle not only previously uninsured Americans enrolling, but all the millions of Americans abandoned when their policies were cancelled by the President’s new health care law.   

“Given that the Administration is failing to meet their enrollment targets, you can guarantee Americans will be subjected to a gap in health insurance coverage.”