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Camp Floor Statement: H.R. 4015, the “SGR Repeal and Provider Payment Modernization Act”

March 14, 2014

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to strongly support H.R. 4015, the “SGR Repeal and Provider Payment Modernization Act,” as amended.  

The Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce and Senate Finance Committees have worked in a bipartisan manner to develop permanent physician payment fix repeal.  Years of hearings, discussion drafts and ongoing dialogues with stakeholders have resulted in H.R. 4015, a bipartisan, bicameral agreement on the SGR replacement policy.

This bill has over 100 co-sponsors, has the support of 18 Members of the House Doctors Caucus and 600 national and state organizations representing physicians and other professionals.     

There’s a reason for all of this support.  H.R. 4015 has a lot to like.  It repeals the outdated SGR formula and gives seniors the certainty that they will have access to their doctors.  It incentivizes better care and results for seniors that rely on the Medicare program.  And, it breaks the cycle of uncertainty for doctors and their patients, providing permanent relief and improving how Medicare pays doctors.

We must not let this opportunity pass us by, time is short. If we do not act, in just over two weeks doctors will see a 24 percent cut, jeopardizing seniors’ access to care.  

But we must safeguard taxpayer dollars, and that is why we pay for permanent repeal by delaying the health care law’s individual mandate for five years.  Americans across the country are facing higher costs, losing the coverage they have and like and seeing smaller paychecks as a result of ObamaCare.  Last week, the Administration announced that it would continue to expand certain exemptions from the individual mandate for two years.  This proposal would extend that further and give all Americans relief from the mandates and penalties of ObamaCare.  It is only fair.

I urge all Members to support H.R. 4105.