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Koskinen: Please Ignore the Hard Drive on Ms. Flax’s Laptop

June 20, 2014

Then: Hard Drives Unrecoverable
When asked earlier this week if there were any data or hardware crashes similar to Lois Lerner’s with other IRS employees pertinent to the investigation, IRS Deputy CIO informed the Committee that there were, and listed six other IRS employees, including Nikole Flax, former Chief of Staff to the Acting IRS Commissioner, whose hard drives had crashed and were recycled.  

Now: Ignore the Laptop Hard Drive Crash
Today, IRS Commissioner Koskinen asserted that there is no way Ms.Flax had any data loss from her crashed hard drive because she had a desktop and a laptop.

So, the IRS’s argument is that only emails can be lost if they were on a desktop?   
Wrong.  Any emails Ms. Flax saved to her laptop were lost when the hard drive crashed, to say otherwise is misleading.  Today, the IRS cannot tell the Committee how many Ms. Lerner emails were lost.  What the Committee does know is that 43,000 pages of Ms. Lerner emails were received for the period of May 2011 through May 2013, but only 24,000 from the preceding two years where the IRS admits data was lost.