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Ways and Means to Administration: TPA Must Come Before TPP

July 17, 2014

Washington, DC – Today, all Republican Members of the House Ways and Means Committee sent a letter to U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman urging the Administration to build support for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and directing the Administration not to complete the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) before TPA is enacted into law.

In the letter, the Members stated, “Because of the critical importance of TPA in ensuring a successful outcome in the TPP negotiations, we will not support TPP if the agreement, even an agreement in principle, is completed before TPA is enacted.  Once TPA is enacted, we will have laid the necessary groundwork to bring to conclusion a solid TPP agreement that will pass Congressional muster, and we will work with you to achieve this goal….  

“We call on the Administration to continue to push our trading partners to improve upon their current offers in the TPP negotiations.  At the same time, we call for the entire Administration, including the President, to immediately and fully engage with the House, the Senate, and stakeholders to achieve enactment of the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act (H.R. 3830) well before the end of 2014.  Progress should continue with our TPP partners even as we work domestically with you and the President now to build support for – and ultimately pass – TPA.”

Background: H.R. 3830, The Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act, was introduced in the House on January 9, 2014, and updates and expands trade negotiation and consultation requirements.  More information can be found here.