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Camp Statement on Expiration of Current Continuing Resolution

March 31, 2015

Washington, DC – This evening, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) issued the following statement after the expiration of the current Continuing Resolution.
“The House has made repeated offers to keep the government open while defunding, delaying or waiving all or parts of the health care law.  Instead of negotiating with us, Washington Democrats have chosen to shutdown the federal government.  
“It is particularly disturbing that Democrats hold themselves to a different standard and refuse to live under the health care law they jammed through Congress.  Members of Congress should not receive an exemption that is unavailable to the rest of the country.  Nor should individuals be mandated to buy insurance – period – let alone when the Administration has waived that requirement for business.  If it is good enough for the American people, it is good enough for Members of Congress.  And, if it is good enough for corporate America, it is good enough for the American people.
“While the Obama Administration has handed out thousands of exemptions for the politically well connected, they refuse to make any concessions for hardworking families.  As a result of the law, these workers have already seen their health care costs increase, their hours cut and their benefits reduced.  It is time Washington listens to the American people already suffering the consequences of this law.
“The American people deserve better, and I hope Senate Democrats set aside the partisanship and start working to find a quick resolution.”