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Conservatives Voice Support for #TPA4USJobs

April 20, 2015

The bipartisan trade promotion authority (TPA) bill introduced last week is earning praise from conservatives who know that expanding U.S. trade will create more opportunity and promote free enterprise. From the Wall Street Journal editorial board to Americans for Tax Reform, conservatives are making the case for members of Congress to support the Trade Priorities and Accountability Act.  

In a blog post released Friday, Americans for Tax Reform says, “TPA is extremely important to have if any further progress is going to be made on free trade.” The group writes that, “If we want more trade among nations (which results in markets opening up abroad and better value for goods and services here at home), we have to lower tariffs. The way we lower tariffs (taxes on trade) is by enacting free trade agreements. The way to enact free trade agreements is to enact TPA.” In closing, ATR “urges all free market conservatives on and off Capitol Hill” to support TPA.

The American Enterprise Institute also praised the bill, saying that it “hits the right notes on commerce and American leadership, while promoting transparency.” Highlighting the way TPA empowers Congress and promotes transparency, AEI points out that, “This bill gives equal time to accountability, with much of the text devoted to how the president must consult Congress throughout the negotiation process. Even better, it requires the administration to inform the public. Negotiating objectives must be made public during the process and the treaty itself must be public for 60 days before the president can sign it.”

The conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board came out in strong support for TPA last week, noting that “With the world’s economies hitting stiff headwinds, more free trade is the one big lever available to produce a lift for consumers, job-seekers and entrepreneurs.”

And over at the conservative National Review, the editors say that “Congress should invest President Obama with the so-called fast-track authority that would allow him to submit the deal to lawmakers for a simple yes-or-no vote, with no amendments or filibusters allowed.”

These conservatives know that trade agreements help ensure that America is writing the rules of the global economy—promoting free enterprise and capitalism—and TPA will unlock deals that boost economic growth and create good jobs.