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Ryan on Fox News: ‘It’s about Jobs. It’s about America Leading.’

May 14, 2015

WASHINGTON — This morning, House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke to Fox & Friends about the importance of Congress coming together to move forward on Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation, so that we can get new trade agreements that will open up new markets for our products and create good-paying jobs right here in America.

When asked about Senate leaders striking a new deal to move forward with TPA legislation, Ryan said:

“Well the Democrats obviously dealt [the president] a huge defeat the other day, but I think they came back and some Democrats who believe in trade now have decided to end the filibuster and work with Republicans and get this done.

“Here’s the deal. If we don’t write the rules for the global economy, particularly in Asia, then China will and that is not good for us. Our goal with these trade agreements is to give Americans more access to markets so that we can make more things in America and sell them abroad. This is about jobs. This is about higher income. This is about America getting fair trade deals for our workers.

“And there’s a mistaken notion that trade promotion authority gives the President some kind of authority and power, it’s actually quite the opposite. What we have done here is we are binding the President and the administration to Congress’s will. We’re saying, ‘Here’s how transparency is going to work.’ The American people need to see these agreements for at least 60 days before the President can even sign an agreement and send it to Capitol Hill, and you have to have an agreement that fits Congress’s objectives.

“And so that’s the debate we’re having right now. It’s about jobs. It’s about America leading. And finally we have a few Democrats that have decided to help us.”