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Conservative Support for TPA

June 09, 2015

Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan: Putting Congress in Charge on Trade

Condoleezza Rice: Restore America’s Standing Through Trade

Jeb Hensarling: The Conservative Case for Trade Promotion Authority

Charles Krauthammer: Vote for TPA

National Review, by The Editors: Yes to Trade-Promotion Authority

Laffer, Moore, Kudlow: The Conservative Case for Passing Trade Promotion Authority

WSJ Editorial Board Endorsement: A Lift for Free Trade

American Enterprise Institute: TPA Hits the Right Notes

Washington Examiner Editorial Board Endorsement: Congress Should Pursue Trade Agreements with Optimism

Competitive Enterprise Institute: Why the TPA is Needed

Investor’s Business Daily Editorial Board Endorsement: Fast Track the Trade Promotion Authority

National Review, by Matthew Continetti: Tear Down These Tariffs

CATO Institute: TPA Is Not an Executive Power Grab

Citizens Against Government Waste: Trade Promotion: When Authority is Tempered by Accountability

Larry Kudlow: Free Trade with Asia Will Juice the Economy

Marco Rubio Endorsement in the WSJ

Institute for Policy Innovation: Now is the Time for Republicans to Back TPA

Letter of Support from 26 conservative groups, including:Americans for Tax Reform

  • Americans for Tax Reform
  • American Conservative Union
  • American Commitment
  • Conservative Reform Network
  • National Taxpayers Union
  • Ending Spending
  • Crossroads GPS