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Highlights of W&M Members’ Conversations with Americans About Our Better Way Agenda

September 06, 2016

Today, House Republicans are returning to Washington from their districts to continue advancing solutions to our nation’s biggest challenges. Throughout August, Ways and Means Members spoke directly to people across their communities about our Better Way agenda to reform our broken tax code, improve our healthcare system, and help lift people out of poverty.

Here are some highlights of our Members’ recent conversations with their constituents about our Better Way agenda on tax, health care, and poverty.


We proposed to go all in for growth with the lowest tax rates on local businesses in modern history. We proposed a code so fair and simple; most Americans can file on a postcard. And then we proposed to bust up the IRS and what we know that will do is grow jobs, grow paychecks and grow the American economy.” Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) on KBTX

“If we could allow Americans to receive a postcard and file their taxes, that would change their life. The biggest challenges that people are facing today has to do with tax policy and with regulations. You talk to any small business person and they’re struggling with regulation under the Obama administration.”Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD) in the Argus Leader

“Our plan starts with simplifying the tax code to three tax brackets, and lowering the top individual income tax rate down to 33 percent. It also calls for simplifying taxes for families by creating a larger standard deduction and a larger child and dependent tax credit. As a result, the average family would be able to complete their taxes on a postcard-sized form like this one—no expensive software or professional tax preparer required.”Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) in BlogHer


“Obamacare is a failure. Illinois families are paying more money for fewer and fewer benefits. Now, they can expect a double-digit increase in their health insurance premiums for 2017. The Administration continues to tout the success of the President’s signature healthcare law, but the facts are the facts. Average premiums in job-based coverage increased by $3,775. Co-ops are failing. Just last month, the Land of Lincoln became the 16th co-op to collapse, leaving 49,000 Illinoisans without healthcare coverage.”Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) in a statement on Illinois health insurance premium increases 

“The future of Obamacare absolutely looks grim. We are set to face double-digit premium hikes in Ohio. Ohioans from across the 12th district are telling me it’s fueling a sense of anxiety as they see their choices dwindle and costs spike. Something must be done and it’s going to take a bold agenda to fix the broken promises in Obamacare. That is exactly what we are offering in the House—our own plan that puts patients, not the government, at the center of health care.” Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-OH), Health Subcommittee Chairman in a health care blog

“Our health care plan – an official Republican alternative to Obamacare – eliminates more than $1 trillion in health care taxes and mandates while giving Americans more options to choose from in a more flexible insurance market.” — Rep. Adrian Smith (R-NE) in the Beatrice Daily Sun

“How we move from Obamacare to a better system. A patient-centered system where patients, families, and doctors are making medical decisions, and not your federal government.” Rep. Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) in a video on the “Principles of Health Care”


“House Republicans are proposing a new plan to combat the cycle of poverty in this country. Growing up in rural Missouri, I know first-hand that the current welfare system is broken. I remember well the trailer my family lived in when I was younger and pumping water from a cistern at my grandparents in order to get our fresh water. I understand just how hard it can be to escape the cycle of poverty, especially in south central and southeast Missouri.”Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) in the Rolla Daily News

“We care about these people because we believe each individual deserves a best chance at success. We saw many different aspects of poverty during our visit but we truly believe this is something everyone can come together to fight and overcome. We are honored to work together with Mayor Warren, and others here in city and county, and are hopeful we can make lasting, meaningful changes for those in need.” Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) on his partnership with Rochester Mayor Lovely A. Warren to advance the House Republican Better Way proposal