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Brady, Reichert Statements on President Trump’s Executive Action to Withdraw from TPP

January 23, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) and Trade Subcommittee Chairman Dave Reichert (R-WA) today released the following statements after President Donald Trump signed an executive order to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Upon the President signing the executive order, Chairman Brady said:

“I believe the TPP agreement contains considerable benefits for the U.S. economy—but it fell short in other ways. That is why there weren’t enough votes to support it last year. It’s important that America not abandon the Asia-Pacific region because American companies and workers will lose out. I urge the Trump Administration to build on the work that has been done, identify what should be improved, and quickly act on a strategy that creates more economic opportunities for America in that region. In order for our country to create more jobs and increase the prosperity of all Americans, we have to reach new customers around the world through strong enforceable trade agreements.”

Rep. Reichert said:

“TPP contained a number of significant wins for American businesses, farmers, and workers – but in the end, there were areas that needed to be improved to meet the high-standards Americans expect and deserve and to have the support necessary in Congress to get across the finish line.

“If the United States is to continue as a world economic leader, we must have the chance to compete globally through high-standard trade agreements, including in the critical Asia-Pacific region. Building upon the work done to establish rules and expand access abroad to the benefit of workers across America will lead to the creation of more good-paying jobs here at home. I look forward to working with the president and his Administration on this top priority.”