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Brady: Enrollment Numbers Only Tell a Fraction of Obamacare’s Disappointing Story

February 04, 2017

Today, the Department of Health and Human Services again fell short of its projected enrollment numbers for Obamacare—this time by 4.6 million people. As Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) said following the announcement:

“The enrollment numbers released today only tell a fraction of Obamacare’s disappointing story—for instance the fact that these numbers are the result of a law that forces Americans to sign up for insurance they don’t want or need. These numbers also don’t show that costs are soaring, access to the care people want is shrinking, choices of insurers are dwindling, and taxes are rising. The success of our health care system should be measured by the quality and affordability of care Americans receive—not the number of individuals and families who are mandated by Washington to enroll in a failing program.”

Chairman Brady added:

“It’s painfully obvious that forcing Americans to buy insurance does not deliver the results they deserve. That’s why House Republicans are moving forward with reforms to deliver a robust health care marketplace—based on innovation, competition, and choice—so all Americans have access to health care options they will want, not be forced to buy.”

At the Ways and Means Committee, Republicans are focused on eliminating Obamacare’s one-size-fits all policies and moving toward the concept of a health care “backpack” with the tools Americans need to:

  • Purchase a health care plan that they like;
  • Manage how they spend their health care dollars; and
  • Access their electronic medical records.

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