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A Pro-Growth Agenda to Help America’s Farmers and Ranchers

March 21, 2017

Ways and Means Republicans are moving forward with a pro-growth agenda that will improve the lives of all Americans. On National Agriculture Day, we’re highlighting how our pro-growth agenda helps America’s farmers and ranchers compete, succeed, and provide for their families.

“Built for Growth” Tax Reform:

  • Supports new investments in equipment and facilities by allowing immediate deductions for the full cost of equipment like tractors and harvesters and structures like barns and silos.
  • Lowers the tax rate for farms and ranches by subjecting them to a new, low 25% tax rate for pass-through businesses.
  • Makes American agricultural products more competitive globally by ending the uncompetitive tax on “Made in America” exports.
  • Kills the Death Tax so that families can pass their farms on to the next generation.

Support for Strong and Enforceable Trade Agreements

  • Promotes U.S. economic growth by expanding the access of American farms and ranches to the world’s markets, where over 95 percent of their potential customers live.
  • Keeps America in the lead by removing barriers to competition and innovation and allowing our country—not our competitors—to write the rules for 21st century global trade.
  • Gives U.S. agriculture the competitive edge needed to boost trade, grow farms and ranches, create more good jobs that pay well, and strengthen the economy of rural and urban America.

Freedom and Flexibility to Choose Health Care Coverage through the American Health Care Act

  • Helps farmers and ranchers access affordable, quality health care options by providing a monthly, portable tax credit to purchase a health care plan that meets their needs—not one dictated by Washington.
  • Delivers relief this year from Obamacare’s crushing taxes and mandates that have made it harder for people to access affordable health care in rural communities, where they face even higher premiums, fewer choices, and less access to doctors and hospitals than people who live in or around cities.
  • Provides rural states with the tools to revitalize their insurance marketplaces, lowering costs and expanding choices, by establishing the Patient and State Stability Fund.