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Brady on Fox News: Republicans Making Progress on Health Care, Tax Reform

May 02, 2017

Today, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Fox News’ “Happening Now” to discuss progress on the American Health Care Act and advancing a bold, unified tax reform plan with the White House and the Senate this year.

CLICK the image above to watch Chairman Brady’s Fox News interview. 

Excerpts from the interview:

On the American Health Care Act:

“Health care is personal, it affects everybody, so members want to really know what each amendment, each step does … Members are really taking this seriously.” 

“We all know the horror stories of Obamacare and how it’s collapsing, which is true.  It will not last long and a lot of good people will be hurt. But we already know how Republican principles in health care work. We have Medicare Part D … a prescription plan for seniors which is hugely popular, made a big difference in lowering prices for seniors. We have the children’s health insurance program and Medicare Advantage, which is the most popular plan in Medicare—all driven by the same free market principles of choice and competition that we’re offering [with the American Health Care Act] … I’m confident we can deliver for the American people.” 

On maintaining important patient protections: 

“Not only do we keep pre-existing illnesses as a federal standard, the only way to change them is if a state can prove it can do better for patients in health care. And I think that’s exactly the right approach. I actually think states can bring innovative approaches to Washington, to allow them to just do better health care for their families.”

“A state would have to come to Dr. Price—Secretary Price, the head of Health and Human Services—and prove they have a better way of handling patients with pre-existing illnesses, including better coverage or more insurance plans to choose from or that they can lower their premiums so it’s more affordable. So for all the right reasons they can bring a better solution to Washington. I’m hopeful that they do because frankly I don’t think Obamacare covers people with pre-existing illnesses very affordably at all.”

On overhauling our broken tax code this year:

“The goal… is a unified plan with the White House, the Senate, and House Republicans, that dramatically improves the chances for success, and do it this year. I’m not worried about the month, I’m focused on the year. And 2017 is our best chance in 30 years.”