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#TaxReformTuesday: Rep. Tom Reed

May 02, 2017

In today’s #TaxReformTuesday, Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) shares how pro-growth tax reform will help a local manufacturer—and all small businesses—create more jobs and more opportunities for the hardworking people in his district.

CLICK the image above to watch.

Here’s what Rep. Reed said:

“So, we’re here at Jamestown Electro Plating. And I’ll tell you, I couldn’t think of a better place. 

“Here with Chase and his brother, Matt, about what tax reform could do for our U.S. manufacturers and everyone across the spectrum.

“This is about reforming the code to make it simple, to make it fair, and make it competitive. So that we can make the product here to sell it around the world, as well as right here in our backyard. 

“And what does that lead to at the end of the day? It leads to more jobs. It leads to more people having an opportunity to call Jamestown and other places home.

“And that’s what we’re fighting for in Washington. And I couldn’t think of a better partner to have than Chase and Jamestown Electro Plating in this effort.”