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What President Trump, Job Creators, and Conservatives are Saying About the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

November 03, 2017

Yesterday, Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas), Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and all Ways and Means Committee Republican members introduced the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The bill will deliver real tax relief to Americans across the country – especially low- and middle-income Americans who have been struggling for far too long to earn a raise and get ahead.

President Trump voiced his support:

Many organizations also shared statements supporting the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:


U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“This bold tax reform bill is exactly what our nation needs to get our economy growing faster.”

Business Roundtable

“Today’s release of tax reform legislation demonstrates Congress’ commitment to boosting American jobs, American wages and American competitiveness.”

National Association of Manufacturers

“Today is an awesome day in America thanks to this grand slam for hardworking manufacturers and the U.S. economy.”

American Farm Bureau

“This new tax plan moves us closer to a tax system that rewards the hard work and entrepreneurship of America’s farm and ranch families.”


“We look forward to working with Congress and the Administration to pass reform that works for retail, our customers and the economy.”

Financial Services Roundtable

“As the legislative process moves forward, we are committed to working with policymakers to push a simpler, fairer and more modern tax code over the finish line.”

Real Estate Roundtable

“If the final bill is similar to the one introduced today, our industry will put more people to work modernizing and improving existing properties…”

American Petroleum Institute

“Today the House Ways & Means Committee took a bold step to modernize the nation’s tax code to sustain U.S. economic growth, spur strong energy investment, and create American jobs…”

American Bankers Association

We welcome today’s release of the House Ways & Means Committee’s tax reform proposal, and believe it’s an important and positive step toward finally reforming our nation’s tax code.”

Insured Retirement Institute

“It will allow Americans to continue to use what has proven to be an effective tool to help them save during their working lives when their income, taxes, and expenses are highest.”

National Association of Broadcasters

“Local broadcasters applaud… specifically their decision to retain the full and immediate deductibility of business advertising expenses.”

Motion Picture Association of America

We are encouraged that the committee’s proposed changes to the U.S. tax code will encourage further job creation and economic growth.” 

National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

“We applaud…their perseverance and determination to bring this once-in-a-generation opportunity to a successful conclusion.”

RATE Coalition

Congress took another critical step today towards restoring America’s competitive edge in the globalized marketplace.” 

21st Century Fox

“Today’s announcement is a major step toward meaningful tax code reforms that will help grow the U.S. economy and boost investment…”

United Technologies

“This is a watershed moment. We applaud the release of this bill and look forward to reviewing the details.”

S&P Global

“We firmly believe that transformative, permanent, and meaningful tax policy change is needed to make U.S. companies of all sizes more competitive in the global economy.”

Association of Equipment Manufacturers

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act …will tilt the global playing field back in favor of U.S. manufacturers and spur manufacturing job growth across America.” 

CRANE Coalition

“… the institution of expensing will help ensure that U.S. businesses can compete at home and abroad with businesses from anywhere in the world.”

Alliance for Competitive Taxation

“The release of H.R. 1 is an important first step towards pro-growth tax reform that will create jobs and boost the wages of American workers…”

Entertainment Software Association

“Today’s tax reform proposal will energize tech sector innovation and economic opportunity.”

Grocery Manufacturers Association

“Food, beverage, and consumer products manufacturers have long supported necessary tax reforms to create good American jobs and help our economy thrive…”

Food Marketing Institute

“We anxiously await the legislative markup of this text next week and hope the principles of low rates and fairness prevail so this truly becomes a once-in-a-generation legislation that gets our full support.”



Americans for Tax Reform

“The tax reform bill is a tax cut AND a jobs bill. Growth. Growth. Growth. Long overdue. Great news for taxpayers and those left behind by eight years of slow growth under Obama.”

National Taxpayers Union

“The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 signals that Republicans in the House of Representatives take seriously their responsibility to foster an economy that works for all Americans.”

Heritage Foundation

The details of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act released today by the House Ways and Means Committee include some of the essential components of pro-growth tax reform.”

Heritage Action

Heritage Action applauds President Trump, Chairman Brady and congressional leaders for producing a serious plan to fundamentally reform a stagnant and convoluted tax code that suppresses American job creators and workers.”


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a pro-growth tax reform bill that will boost the middle class, increase workers’ take home pay, and create jobs for Americans.” 

Club for Growth

There are lots of components to praise in the House’s tax legislation, like immediate expensing for businesses and cutting the corporate tax rate.” 

Americans for Prosperity

This is a strong plan that supports the kind of bold, pro-growth tax reform we’ve been working towards.”

Family Business Coalition

“Permanent death tax repeal removes a crushing burden from the backs of family businesses and farmers across the country.”

Taxpayers Protection Alliance

We are encouraged that this plan will simplify the tax code, boost small businesses, and create a fair playing field for the middle-class.” 

Faith and Freedom Coalition

“Finally, repealing the bigoted Johnson Amendment is long overdue… we strongly support this legislation’s provision restoring the full First Amendment rights of people of faith.”

March for Life

“A child in the womb is just as human as you or I yet, until now, the U.S. tax code has failed to acknowledge the unborn child… The proposed tax plan is a huge leap forward for an antiquated tax code.”

Peter Wallison and Edward Pinto, American Enterprise Institute

“Two powerful lobbying groups that advertise themselves as helping Americans buy homes have announced that they will oppose the Republican tax plan. Their reason? Because it will lower housing costs.”