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Johnson, Larson Applaud Passage of the Representative Social Security Payee Bill

February 06, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House voted 396-0 today to pass H.R. 4547, the Strengthening Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries Act of 2018 – bipartisan legislation to strengthen and improve the representative payee program to better protect vulnerable Social Security beneficiaries who are unable to manage their own funds.

House Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee Chairman Sam Johnson (R-TX), original sponsor of the bill, released the following statement upon passage:

“Today we took action to help ensure Social Security beneficiaries get the support they need from people they can trust. This legislation modernizes and strengthens the representative payee program to protect the best interests of beneficiaries. It strengthens oversight of the program, improves the representative payee selection process, and bolsters protections for the people who need help managing their benefits. It has been a pleasure working with Ranking Member Larson on this much-needed legislation. I applaud the House for passing H.R. 4547, and I look forward to the Senate taking the next step toward improving this program for millions of beneficiaries. Americans expect and deserve no less from the Social Security Administration.”

Social Security Subcommittee Ranking Member John Larson (D-CT), lead Democratic sponsor of the bill, released the following statement:

“I was proud to see the Strengthening Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries Act of 2018 (H.R. 4547) pass in the House of Representatives today. This bill’s success is attributed to the guidance of my good friend Congressman Sam Johnson, Chairman of the Social Security Subcommittee. Congressman Johnson has served his state of Texas and the country as a true American hero over the years and this bill is further testament to his statesmanship. This bill will better safeguard those most in need of protection, including nearly 4 million children, by strengthening the selection and monitoring of payees, while reducing administrative burdens on families caring for loved ones. We can always take measure of our country by how we treat our most vulnerable citizens – children, seniors and those with severe disabilities.”

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