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Brady on FOX News: Trade, Tax, and IRS

March 26, 2018

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined FOX News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Friday to discuss the President’s trade actions regarding China, next steps on tax reform, and upcoming Internal Revenue Service (IRS) legislation.



On tariffs and China:

“China does cheat, it does cost us thousands of American jobs. Every President’s known this; but every President faces the same dilemma: how do you stop China’s cheating without punishing Americans while you do it?

“[President Trump] has taken the issue on, and I think one of the smarter things that the President is doing here is giving that 30 to 45 days to assess some of those potential tariffs to let industries suggest alternatives and better ways to tackle this. I think it also buys us time to have that dialogue with China about how we start addressing the stealing of intellectual property, the forcing of American technology transfer to China, and are there cooperative ways to lower that trade deficit.”

On building off the success of tax reform:

“The reason we think we ought to improve the tax code every year is because our competitors are doing that, as well, to get an advantage over the U.S. Plus, just like a business, you’re looking to improve your product and service every day. Congress should be no different. We should be looking every day at how we make our tax code more family friendly, more pro-growth, more competitive around the world.

“We want to change the culture in Washington, where they think they do this once a generation – we ought to be improving it continuously.”

On redesigning the IRS:

“We have a new tax code and it really demands a new IRS. Republicans have been working in the House for the last year, and working alongside Democrats, in how we redesign the IRS so that it really is taxpayer friendly, so that it really is focused on efficiency and accurate answers and customer service in a big way. We are working with them on an April package of bills that is 20 years overdue.”