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Brady Discusses the Benefits of Tax Reform on FOX: “Back home, Main Street optimism is at an all-time high.”

April 24, 2018

Click here to view Chairman Brady’s full interview on Mornings with Maria.

Click here to view Chairman Brady’s full interview on America’s Newsroom.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Fox Business’s Mornings with Maria and Fox News’ America’s Newsroom this morning to discuss the lasting benefits of tax reform and next steps.

When asked about Tax Reform “phase two” on America’s Newsroom, Brady said: 

“It’s real, and here is what we are trying to do: change the culture in Washington where they used to wait 30 years to fix the tax code. America fell further behind, and so did our workers. So every year we want to look at how we can make our workers more competitive, grow their paychecks, make America stronger and more innovative. So it really is about a new way of looking at these things.”

While speaking with Mornings with Maria host, Maria Bartiromo:

On the American people’s response to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Chairman Brady said:

“Back home, Main Street optimism is at an all-time high. People are really appreciating keeping more of what they earn. And now you are seeing dollars coming back from overseas, investing in America – exactly the opposite of what we’ve seen for the past two decades. So I think it is a very positive response.”

On economic prosperity and optimism after the historic tax cuts:

“I think there’s been this economic narrative that America has to settle for this 2% growth. That’s why we drove tax reform – to break out of that sluggish economy. So no, I see the economy moving. But there are two things we need to do right to maximize benefits of this tax reform. One, we need more customers – that’s free trade including a modern NAFTA. And second, we need a better workforce because I’ll guarantee you all across the country companies large and small are turning away work because they don’t have the workforce they need. That’s something the House and Congress need to address.”

On how Congress can help America’s workforce:

“We’ve got millions of Americans who are on the sidelines, in a welfare system, who government has sort of given up on.  We haven’t — we need them and want them back in the workforce.  And I think you’re going to see action by the House this year to start that process and give them some opportunities.”

On continued growth of the economy:

“I think it really depends on ensuring that we’re building off the momentum of tax reform. Getting trade right I think really matters to send the signal: we are now armed with one of the most competitive tax codes in the world to give us a chance to compete in Mexico, Canada, and throughout the world.”

On Nancy Pelosi’s claim that the economic boom following tax reform won’t offset any “cost” of tax relief:

“She is exactly wrong, and she’s really misled voters about the tax relief they get. Even if you accept the Congressional Budget Office numbers, they admitted that revenues will grow after tax reform – they increase by a trillion dollars.”

On Democrats’ resistance to letting Americans keep more of their hard-earned money:

“Not only did no [Democrats] vote for it, they want to repeal those tax cuts.  Not to lower the debt – but for more Washington spending. I haven’t met anyone in Texas who says ‘I really wish Washington would take more of what we earn and let’s go back to the old tax code where our jobs were going overseas’.”

On Republicans policy wins:

“We are delivering two of the biggest things – with this President – in history. One is a new tax code that makes America more competitive and actually allows people to keep more of what they earn. And secondly, rebuilding the military in a way that keeps us safer. At the end of the day, I think Americans will have a choice. They either want to give back more of their money to Washington that wastes too much of it or do they want the new economic growth that people are seeing and feeling along Main Street.”