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Brady: The best is yet to come.

May 08, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This afternoon, House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Neil Cavuto on FOX Business’ Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast to discuss tax reform, the jobs gap, and the economy.

On President Trump’s rescission package:

“I don’t care who you are in Washington, you have to agree this budget and spending process is broken. We can’t just keep doing the same year-in and year-out and expect a different result. I think the rescissions used to be a normal part of the budget process to always look for savings and efficiencies and dollars that aren’t being spent.”

“I really do think that if the Senate moved to a simple majority for these spending packages that we could avoid these big Omnibus bills that frankly no one is happy with.”  

On the growing economic momentum of tax reform:

“We’re just in the fourth month of this new tax code, so we’re not in the first inning of the ball game… we’re the first batter of the first inning of the ball game. And already the results are so encouraging.

“Neil, if I had told you in December that within this short timetable wages would be increasing at their fastest in 10 years, Main Street optimism and profits would be at their highest of forty-five years, and businesses are hiring right and left – you would have thought I was exaggerating.”

“But, that’s exactly where we’re at today.  And I still think the best is yet to come because these businesses are making decisions on where to locate that next new manufacturing plant, that research facility, where to put those patents here in the U.S. And so those are long-term decisions that get better every day… because of tax reform.”

On the notion of “crumbs”:

“[Democrats] are being proved wrong every day back home… At the end of the day not only are they wrong but their agenda… comes down to impeach and leech… They want to impeach the President and leech on to more of what Americans earn. I think that sums their agenda up.”

On the Committee’s work to close the jobs gap and get Americans off of the sidelines and into the workforce:

“Now that we have one of the most competitive tax codes… we need more workers.” 

“We’ve got a lot of Americans that are trapped on the sidelines in our cash welfare system. We think they’ve got great potential––so, what we’re doing at the Ways and Means Committee is starting the process to help to move them from the sidelines back into good-paying jobs. Both because it’s good for them and their families to see that parent going to work each day. But, frankly, we need them. America needs them back in the workforce. We’ve got some good, smart ways to do that.”