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Brady on FOX News: W&M taking action today to reform welfare

May 23, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Julie Banderas on Fox News’ “Happening Now” to discuss the JOBS for Success Act.

Julie Banderas: 

“You know, this strikes me as odd. It’s one thing if people are out of jobs because there simply are not enough jobs to fill. But, this is quite the contrary because how is it that there are so many unfilled jobs where there are millions of people out of work?”

Chairman Brady:  

“We do have a booming economy and businesses of all sizes are desperate for workers. Yet, we have millions of Americans on the sidelines, many of them trapped in our welfare system. So, this is the perfect time to really restore the promise of the 1996 welfare reforms led by Speaker Newt Gingrich [and] ultimately signed and boasted upon by President Clinton at the time.

The Ways and Means Committee is acting this afternoon to move welfare reform forward. And, it’s a part of our Republican ‘Better Way’ Agenda that really is focused on getting people from the sidelines to the front lines of the workforce, getting a job but keeping a job. Because the truth of the matter is: we need them. America really needs these people and we think they have a brighter future.”


“Let’s talk about the welfare reform legislation you have introduced. It’s called the Jobs and Opportunity with Benefits and Services [JOBS] for Success Act, and it will have a huge focus on the workplace. How will it help the unemployed and how is it going to be different than the Clinton/Gingrich reform in ’96?”


“So, we build off [of] really those reforms but I think we do some important things. One, the reforms in the ‘90s directed states and engaged half of those on welfare to try to get them to work. But, since then frankly, a lot of states aren’t engaging anyone. So, we set a new standard: 100 percent. Everyone who is work eligible on welfare today will have a game plan to get back to the workforce. 

“Secondly, that focus was mainly on women, which was exactly right. This one will as well, but we know that there are seven million men missing from this economy in prime working age who could be an important part of America’s growth going forward as well.

“Finally, I think the key point here is that the ’96 reforms really focused on getting people into a job even if it was temporary in a sense. We’re really refocusing on getting a job and keeping a job. Again, building off [of what] Newt Gingrich and others did an amazing job at.”