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Chairman Brady WSJ op-ed: Six Months After Tax Reform, Something Big Is Happening

June 22, 2018

Wall Street Journal

Six Months After Tax Reform, Something Big Is Happening

By Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX)

June 21, 2018

Six months ago, Republicans in Congress joined with President Trump to redesign America’s tax code and enact sweeping tax cuts. We were determined to let families and local businesses keep more of what they earn. The new tax code was built to help American companies and workers compete and win anywhere in the world.

Now something big is happening to America’s economy. Since January, more than one million jobs have been created. This has brought claims for unemployment benefits to their lowest level since 1969, and there are now actually more job openings than people looking for work. The U.S. has gone from a nation asking “Where are the jobs?” to one that asks “Where are more workers?”

While this economic turnaround has come as a shock to most Democrats in Washington, it’s no surprise to millions of working families across America. They were overtaxed and overregulated for far too long, and the result was a decade of slow growth. …

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