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Brady Joins FOX News Live from the White House

July 02, 2018

On Friday, House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Harris Faulkner on FOX News’ “Outnumbered Overtime,” to discuss the positive impacts that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is having only six months later. Chairman Brady was accompanied by his son Sean after joining President Trump at the White House, where the President commemorated the six-month anniversary of tax reform.

On the positive impact of tax reform across the country: 

“It really has been remarkable. The President has a lot to be proud of on behalf of the American people. In six months, nearly everything is better economically and we’ve transformed the nation from one that asked ‘where are the jobs?’ to asking now to ‘where are the workers?’ So middle class families that hadn’t seen a pay raise in nearly a decade are seeing raises, bonuses, and now keeping more of what they earn. 

“Main Street businesses who before were among the most pessimistic about the future are now at record levels of optimism. They’re hiring and paying more. And manufacturers who’ve just faced an uphill battle –  they’ve watched their jobs go overseas, their customers and headquarters go overseas – now they are hiring and paying and growing like we haven’t seen. So, all of this says ‘America’s back’ and our families and small businesses have hope again.” 

On the Democrats’ claim that tax reform isn’t helping all Americans:

“I would say, respectfully… baloney. This is designed for middle class families, working class families. Here’s a good example: a single mom, raising two kids under the old tax plan would get maybe 600 dollars a year back. Today, she gets almost 1,400 dollars more than that. She gets almost 2,000 dollars back. That really makes a difference. We’re seeing this single mom working to get on the economic ladder and grow her family and their hope and opportunity. Democrats want to take that away and send those jobs packing overseas. Boy, it is all designed for American families and American workers.”

On American businesses bringing work back home: 

“What we do know – from traveling the country and back home – we’re seeing businesses where the President’s tax reform has changed everything. I was with a company, a medical company, in Boston the other day and they said look our research won’t be done in London now, it will be done in the United States. Our patents won’t be in Ireland, they’ll be in America. And if we can find the workers, we’ll do the manufacturing here in America. We’re seeing that play out all over our nation including back home in Texas. And so, America’s back in a big way.” 

On what businesses are saying back home:

“I think of the workers of Russell Marine… they not only got a 10 percent pay raise, a million dollars of bonuses, the company has already bought 5 million dollars of equipment and greenlighted a new company headquarters because the one they have is pretty well worn. And they’re saying this year will be their best year ever because of the tax cuts. 

“And I think of Pat, a worker in Home Depot… she came up and said ‘thank you.’ She’s a small business person [who] refurnishes antiques and furniture [and] works part time at Home Depot to make ends meet. She said ‘thank you’ – she gets 184 dollars more each and every paycheck because of tax cuts. She said you have no idea what that means to me and my family. We’re seeing that all across America.”