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Brady Statement on House Passage of Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Act

September 04, 2018

Washington, D.C. – The House passed by voice vote today the Senate amendment to H.R. 4318, the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Act of 2018.  This bipartisan, bicameral legislation passed the House in January by a unanimous vote, and then the Senate amended the House bill in July and passed it by unanimous consent.  The House today agreed to the Senate amendment.

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX), sponsor of the bill, released the following statement upon final passage:

“American workers, manufacturers, and consumers win with this bipartisan legislation.  By temporarily reducing tariffs on nearly 1,700 products that are not available in America, our manufacturers will be able to continue competing on a global scale while creating good jobs throughout our country.  I applaud the Senate and my House colleagues for working so hard to pass this legislation, and I look forward to its enactment soon so that Americans may gain the benefits of this tax cut.”