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9 Things Sen. Kamala Harris Promised to Take Away from Workers

May 07, 2019

The News: The junior Democratic Senator from California, Ms. Kamala Harris, went on the record as being in support of “full repeal” of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  Speaking to a group of folks in Detroit, Michigan, Sen. Harris said she wanted to “get rid of the whole thing,” according to Bloomberg.

Families Pocket Books on the Line: Promising to repeal the GOP Tax Cuts, the Californian is actively promoting taking away multiple tax cuts that have directly benefited low- and middle-class workers.

Here are the top nine things that Sen. Harris wants to pry from working families:

  1. Nearly doubled standard deduction. Over 90 percent of taxpayers now file on the simplest form available, thanks to having more of their first dollars being exempt from federal income taxes, according to the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation. Due to this expansion, Americans saved 41 million hours in filing last year. Sen. Harris wants you to spend more time, money, and stress filing your taxes.
  2. Doubled Child Tax Credit.  8 million more families now enjoy a Child Tax Credit twice its pre-tax reform size under our new tax code.  Ms. Harris wants to repeal this expansion of this popular credit families rely on.
  3. First-ever National Paid Leave Program. The GOP Tax Cuts established the first-ever national paid leave pilot program, offering tax relief for companies that offer these important benefits.  We’d be taking a huge step back on making paid leave a reality for more parents if TCJA was repealed.
  4. Expanded 529 accounts. The TCJA made it easier for families to save for college by expanding and simplifying popular 529 savings accounts.  Repeal of the TCJA, as Ms. Harris has promised, would make it harder for families to save for their child’s education.
  5. Lower tax rates across the board.  According to the liberal Tax Policy Center, over 90 percent of middle-class folks received a tax cut under the TCJA.  Which is why for this tax filing season, H&R Block reported seeing overall tax liability shrink by nearly 25 percent. All those tax savings would be eliminated if Sen. Harris had her way.
  6. Onerous Individual Mandate. Democrats, over a decade ago, forced every American to buy health care plans they often didn’t want, couldn’t afford, and couldn’t use.  Sen. Harris would force you back into paying this unconstitutional tax, pushing you and your family back into these often-unusable plans again.
  7. Opportunity Zones. Our new tax code attracts investment into distressed communities through a new, pro-growth provision called “Opportunity Zones.”  Sen. Harris, apparently, doesn’t want dollars flowing to cities who were neglected by the previous administration.
  8. Lower Tax Rates for Main Street Businesses. Our new tax code offered a historic 20-percent deduction for pass-through business income.  With 84 percent of small businessesreporting record optimism – and during National Small Business Week, nonetheless – Sen. Harris has called for this tax cut for Main Street to be eliminated.
  9. Alternative Minimum Tax. The old tax code forced millions of families to calculate their taxes twice and knocked out many key deductions. The TCJA eliminated the AMT for all but the most affluent households, giving tax relief to over 4.5 million families.

The Race to ‘Four Pinnochios’: As Senator Harris calls for full repeal of a law that, since its passage, has seen an economy usher in higher retirement prospects for families, over 3.5 million jobs created, unemployment at a half-century low, and wages surging for blue-collar workers that need it most, she continues to mislead the public on the effects of our new tax code.

Sen. Harris received “four pinnochios” from the Washington Post fact checkers on her claims that the GOP Tax Cuts raised taxes on middle-class families.  She’s keeping good company.  Former Vice President Joe Biden also received “four pinocchios” for claiming that only the wealthy benefited for Republicans’ pro-growth reforms.

Which Democrat will receive this esteemed pinocchio count next?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, Republicans remain committed to building on tax reform’s successes so that workers continue to thrive in this growing economy.