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Brady, Walden, Foxx Statement on Affordable Care Act Court Ruling

December 19, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC – Ways and Means Committee Republican Leader Kevin Brady (R-TX), Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Greg Walden (R-OR), and Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) released the following statement after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate is unconstitutional:

“This is no surprise. Republicans warned Democrats the ACA, written in secret and rushed through Congress, was built on an unconstitutional foundation. And in their haste, Democrats forgot critical language that could have avoided this embarrassment. While this case will continue to make its way through the courts, nothing will change for patients.

“The ACA continues to fail too many Americans and fails to deliver on its promises to lower premiums and offer better care. Instead of partisan impeachment theatrics or Medicare for All which cancels good health care plans for 180 million Americans, Congress should use this opportunity to work together to bring down the high costs of health care, something that Obamacare promised, but never delivered on. We should put a stop to surprise billing and work together with President Trump to bring down the high costs of medicines,” the leaders said.