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Brady on MSNBC: POTUS Budget Focuses on Growth; Dems Refuse to Even Offer an Alternative

February 11, 2020

WASHINGTON—The top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Ali Velshi on MSNBC today to talk about the President’s “Budget for America’s Future.”

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On the economic forecasts in the President’s budget:

Brady: “We certainly believe this economy in the U.S. is genetically at 3 percent GDP or more with the right decisions.”

“We know that if you raise taxes, if you take more of workers’ paychecks . . . our economy will slow down.”

“And we know too that since tax reform, revenues coming into the federal government are at record or at near-record highs—growing six percent just this part of the budget year already. The challenge is spending is outpacing the revenues. That’s the area where we are going to need to focus on.”

On the Democrats’ missing budget:

Brady: “Where is the Democrat budget? They didn’t propose one last year, this year so far they’ve thrown up their hands.”

“Congress is not passing a budget. Democrats on the House Budget Committee didn’t even bring one out last year. They don’t intend to bring one out this year. It’s kind of hard for anyone to complain about rising deficits and the budget itself if you’re not even bothering to lay out your vision of how we ought to do it. I just think that’s unfair.”

On tackling the debt while growing the economy:

Brady: “For 50 years, our GDP each year averaged 3.3 percent. It wasn’t until really the last decade or so that it plunged into the 1 percent category. So now, obviously, we have to rebuild it.”

“I think good decisions raise economic growth. I think giving people back more of what they earn, redesigning the code so our businesses can compete and win anywhere in the world has already shown economic growth. I think there is more growth to be had.”

“America is more than capable of growing at three percent. It’s really only in the last decade we’ve sort of given up on that dream. Part of the reason President Trump and Republicans focused on tax reform and rebalancing regulation so it was more pro-growth is that we believe we don’t have to settle for what Democrats thought was the new normal: very slow growth, no paycheck growth, all of that. We just think our upside is much higher than that. We just have to make the right decisions.”