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Getting Medical Supplies to Our Health Care Providers

March 31, 2020

Key points:

-The federal government is getting more tests, masks, and resources to medical providers and patients.

-Using public-private partnerships, this work will lead to quicker development of products and faster allocation of resources.

The details:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced a “Supply Chain Stabilization Task Force.” This new task force is focused on addressing the “limited supply of critical protective and life-saving equipment” by partnering with federal agencies and private companies to get medical supplies developed and delivered quickly.

The task force has laid out a four-pronged approach to achieve this goal.

  1. Prevention: This step is to ensure personal protective equipment and other supplies are being used appropriately.
  2. Acceleration: Demand is high for equipment right now. The federal government is focusing on ways to speed up production and distribution of medical equipment.
  3. Expansion: The federal government is actively exploring ways to enhance supply chains to have medical equipment be produced at more factories across the country.
  4. Allocation: FEMA wants to get resources to the places they are needed most expeditiously. This means targeting where to deliver supplies to help flatten the curve more effectively.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this task force, information provided by FEMA.

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